Minutes from August committee meeting

Information For Members From Recent Committee Meeting

Course Maintenance Report
• The greens will be fertilised the week beginning 1st Sept, and will then be scored, scarified, over-seeded and sanded after the Mixed Open. An autumn feed will be applied in October.
• Maureen Rennie brought it to the committee’s attention that there is a lot of ragwort growing in the rough up the 1st fairway, and also near the 8th. She is to arrange a squad to try and clear this, as, if it seeds, it spreads like wildfire, so it needs to be done urgently. (Maureen and husband Tony went ahead and just did the job themselves – thank you to them).
• Maureen also asked about a practice putting green. We are going to cost the work to spray off an area between the car park fence and the first tee, lay high-quality top-soil, and either seed it or lay turf. Seeding will be cheaper but will take2 years to become useable.
• Allan Thomson has offered to repair and tidy up the fence around the car park.

Mixed Open and Anderson Greensomes
• Entries are going well for the Mixed, but we can never have too many, so please encourage anyone you know to get an entry in.
• The ladies asked if a ladies’ pairing could win the Anderson Cup. There was no reason why not, except that it was appreciated that this would be difficult against the men. However, as Archie pointed out, it is also very difficult for all but the very best men to win. The ladies felt the prizes were over-loaded in favour of the men, so it was suggested there could be half a dozen more prizes specifically for the ladies, if they could find sponsors for them.

TT Sanderson Championship
• Peebles are holding this competition this year on Sunday 20th Sept, for Championship finalists from each club. – 2 men from each championship group. Archie is organising our entry for it

• The Musselburgh Quaich, when a junior member is paired with an adult member to play a greensome competition, is to be held on Sunday 20th September at 2pm. Please would any adult members add their names and handicap to a notice in the clubhouse, or give their name to Aileen Scott Aiton – aileen.scottaiton@yahoo.com (There is a . between aileen and scottaiton in the e-mail address) There will be sausages in rolls and ice cream served afterwards, when the prizes for the year will be presented.

Clubhouse Cleaner
• It was suggested that we should employ a cleaner for a couple of hours a week, as working a rota would be very difficult. At the moment a rota of 5 committee members run the vacuum cleaner round any areas in need of it when they lock up each night. This works well and appears to keep the carpeted areas sufficiently clean. It was then decided that the men should look after the gents toilet and the ladies their own one; and anyone using the kitchen should leave it as they find it. To employ a cleaner would cost in the region of £1000 a year, which would require an increase in subscriptions. This was unacceptable to the committee, who, along with a few others who also contribute quite considerably, do a massive amount of work behind the scenes. They work extremely hard to keep costs down and raise £1000s of sponsorship money, spend a lot of hours with junior members, encouraging them to re-join each year; they have made the club house accessible to everyone, opening and closing it and cleaning it for 3 seasons now, but most of all, just think of the hundreds of hours that Ian Scott puts in, on an almost daily basis, throughout the summer to keep the course maintenance costs down, and therefore our subscriptions to a minimum. In comparison it seems like a small ask to expect members to take some ownership of, and contribute to the upkeep of their clubhouse, by helping with a good spring clean before the start of the season, cleaning of the windows throughout the season, and keeping their respective toilets clean.

Penultimate junior night.

We had 13 juniors on the penultimate Monday coaching session. The oldest four went out in pairs under the guidance of Doug Easton. The rest were split into 4 groups. As the course was somewhat congested – good news – it was difficult to compare scores, as the groupings played different holes. The Quarry hole was one of the nearest available holes for one group to play, so they had a crack at it, with Aileen Scott Aiton promising to replace any lost balls! It was very pleasing to see a big improvement in some of the putting, in preparation for playing in The Musselburgh Quaich. One person who deserves a mention this week is Michael Johnston, who joined us very late in the summer, and so had a bit of catching up to do; but he played a stormer of a game on Monday evening – well done Michael.

Juniors 24 August 2015

John McDougall took the juniors this week, ably helped by Bob Towers, Archie Anderson, Doug Easton and Fiona Brewster, which was fortunate as 17 turned up on Monday evening. The 4 oldest boys set off to play 9 holes while
John set up a putting course on the 9th green, with 20 hurdles to get through, for the rest. Cammy Robertson negotiated the course in 24 – he was the lowest scorer of the ones who managed to keep their scores! They then went out on the course in pairs, where Cammy scored a good 21 over 3 holes, with Lewis Jeffs on 25. Ewan Lillico was also going well, but didn’t complete 3 holes.

Juniors 17 August 2015

We resumed Monday evening coaching sessions again this week, after the holidays, when we had 10 juniors. Aron Gunn and Nathan Simpson went round together, but didn’t score. For the rest we reiterated the point about alignment, and asked the juniors to think about this when they played their 3 holes. Robbie Gunn and Ewan Lillico averaged 7.6 strokes per hole, whilst Bruce McDougall and Cammy Robertson averaged 9. Bob Towers went round with Lewis Jeffs and Cammy Robertson, and full marks for enthusiasm – they played 6 holes, but we took their scores over the first 3 to compare them with the others.
In the junior junior holiday competition we had a play off between Hannah and Matthew Page and Marlee Clanaghan, as they were lying level after 3 mornings of competition. Hannah ended up the overall winner.

Juniors 14 August

On Monday we had our third junior, junior competition morning for Hannah and Matthew Page and Marlee Clanaghan. This week it was won by Marlee Clanaghan giving each of the three a win over the three weeks; as Hannah won on the first week and Matthew on the second. Now all is to play for next Monday, when we will have a final round of three holes – fingers crossed for good weather to bring this competition to a conclusion.

We had 10 juniors at the final Thursday holiday competition, when each member played individually.
Nathan Simpson and Aron Gunn went out as a senior, junior pairing and played 8 holes, which they tied on 53 each – a good score giving them each 2 points on the leaderboard. This gives Nathan 10 points, second to Angus Dun on 12 points, in the older section, over the 5 weeks.
The younger juniors competition was a closely contested affair, with Ewan Lillico coming out on top with a score of 53 over 6 holes and Ben Weir second with 58. Thanks go to Lewis Jeffs’ grandfather Robin, and Jennifer Donald, who came up to play as a Hacker, but ended up playing and making up a three with Stuart Mitchell and Isaac Simpson. Robin scored Lewis, Cammy Robertson and Robbie Gunn’s round, while Aileen Scott Aiton scored for Ben, Ewan and Michael Johnston, on his debut as a junior member.
Of the younger juniors Cammy is top of the leaderboard for the holidays, followed closely by Lewis. Presentation of prizes will happen after the Musselburgh Quaich competition at the end of September.

We’ve had good fun over the holidays, and Aileen, ably supported by Archie Anderson and Bob Towers, has certainly enjoyed her time with the junior members.