Winter League 2014



November see’s the start of the ever popular Winter League Winter Eclectic and Soup-a-thon.

There is a new competition this year, ‘The Money List – Race to Lauder

  • There is prize money for the golfer who has the best net medal score every week.
  • There is prize money for the golfer with the best net score every month.
  • There is prize money for the winner of ‘The Winter League Cup’ golfer with the best combined best monthly scores.
  • There is prize money for winners of the weekly 2’s sweep.
  • The Winner of ‘The Race To Lauder’ will be the golfer who wins the most prize money.

Competition will be fierce with many golfers in peak form.

The first week saw captain Dougie Bain firing the first shots over the bough with a superb opening 65 net taking the prize from new player Keith Hutchison his 66 net secured 2nd place with Mike Todd claiming the last podium place with an excellent 68 net.  There were no 2’s scored.

Lady captain Linda Hogarth supplied the first entry into this year’s Soup-a-thon with a very tasty Tomato and Courgette, with a side dish of a Donaldson’s pie supplied by Mason’s shop in Lauder; a great way to kick off this year’s competition.  Linda’s recipe is available for publication..

  1. Dougie Bain 83-18-65
  2. Keith Hutchison 82-16-66
  3. Mike Todd 86-18-68