Scottish Golf have issued our Course Rating and Slope Rating for our course and the charts below can be used to convert your Handicap Index into a Course Handicap playing from our White or Red Tees. We do not have a measured course for our Yellow Tees so a score returned from playing on the Yellow Tees cannot be used for any handicap adjustment.
Also below is information on what is involved in obtaining a World Handicap Index and how to maintain it.

The system will operate from January 2021 and if you Play in competition golf the recommendation from Scottish Golf is that your Competition Handicap will be adjusted to 95% of your EXACT Course Handicap Index THEN adjusted to the nearest Whole Number! For Example – if your Course handicap is adjusted to 21.5 then 95% = 20.425 playing off 20. If your Course handicap is adjusted to 21.6 then 95% = 20.52 playing off 21!! (Here endeth your Mathematics lesson on the simpler system than we had before!). So anomalies in the new system can happen so take a deep breath and keep swinging…..


18 Hole Card