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Junior Report 29th April

We had our first coaching session of the season on Mon 20th in glorious sunshine, when we welcomed some new faces to the scene. In all we had 23 young ones. This helped John McDougall and I to formulate our plan for the rest of the term, when we will juggle the groups around, depending on progress. We have a number of new helpers, and look forward to being able to get more of the youngsters out onto the course, as time goes on.
We were not so fortunate with our second session this week, when 20 turned up for coaching just to find that, as we were about to get started, the snow came down! Thank goodness for our new club house, as we were able to go inside and play some indoor games, with equipment that we quickly gathered together.
We divided the children into 3 groups, with one group doing a putting competition in the gents changing room and two groups using the main room and corridor for chipping and target practice. We divided the groups roughly by age and produced winners in each group, and in each competition. The results were as follows
Group 1 –Youngest and Girls
• Putting:- Bruce McDougall,
• Target Chipping – Rowan Mitchell and Bruce McDougall (equal)
• Bull’s Eye Chipping – Bruce McDougall, followed closely by Matthew Page
Group 2 – Middle Age Group
• Putting – Calum Clark,
• Target Chipping – Ewen Lillico
• Bulls Eye Chipping – Cammie Robertson
Group 3 – Oldest
• Putting – Patrick Heron, Aron Gunn and Alasdair Buchanan all tied. (We ran out of time for a play-off)
• Target Chipping – Patrick Heron and Jamie Clark
• Bulls Eye Chipping – Jamie Clark

Here’s hoping for better weather next week.