There isNO TURN UP AND PLAY ALLOWEDall tee times must be booked and paid for in advance.
To book a Tee Time call or text Ronnie 07721 514914 (Preferably by 8pm the night before) and you will be advised of the nearest time slot available.
Before booking please have a look at the Fixture List which you will have if you have joined the Club or access it on Website.(as priority is given to various groups – Ladies, Gents, Leggs and the Happy Hackers).
OnlyCurrent Members an play at Lauder at the present time but a Member can invite a guest provided that the Guest is from the Local Authority Area (Scottish Borders). When inviting a guest you must pay and book in advance (£10 for a guest) and pay into the Club Account. You received these details with you membership letter.
This guideline may change after the the Scottish Governments next review date of 26th April.
The Clubhouse will remain closed and only members with a Swipe Card can gain access to use Toilet Facilities at their own risk.
Flagsticks must not be removed at any time during your round
.New cups , flags and inserts will be in place when the course resorts to normal tees at the end of March.
Bunkers are still not in play so please do not play from them as the rakes have been removed for obvious reasons.
A local rule is in force for the Bunkers and are deemed as Ground Under Repair (GUR). In addition, to be totally clear ,signs will be placed in each bunker to verify this.
Local Rule: “if your ball lands in the bunker, lift and drop behind the bunker as near as possible to where it has gone in without penalty. If your next shot ends in the same bunker then take a drop as before but with aone shot penalty.
During Play Members must keep their own score and verify it with your playing partner (at a social distance) at the end of your round and then text or email your scores to Ronnie Malcolm for processing.
If a member needs a handicap index contact Ronnie Malcolm.
We have had several complaints regarding members not repairing pitch marks on the greens and it has become apparent that divots are not being replaced on the fairways. Please help out our Greenstaff by doing these two simple tasks.
The Club will continue to adhere to the guide lines and restrictions put in place by Scottish Golf and the Scottish Government and will advise all members of any changes as and when they occur.

Keep Safe. Enjoy your golf. Please keep looking after your fellow members by sticking to the rules.